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Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Delivery Solutions

Lakeside Courier Service has a full suite of services designed to meet the unique needs of major medical institutions, institutional pharmacies, acute care and Long-term care facilities, and medical - dental - optical laboratories through out the Carolinas.

Our Services include:

1. The Stat and routine delivery of blood products, and specimens.
2. Medical equipment transfers (hospital to hospital).
3. Pharmaceutical transfers (hospital to hospital) and routed deliveries from pharmacies.
4. Four-wheel drive vehicles are available for those medical emergencies requiring deliveries during inclement weather conditions.

With our experience in this industry, we can insure that each container of blood products, medical equipment, pharmaceutical delivery products, and medical specimens are handled with care, delivered on time and with the sense of urgency you expect.

Couriers assigned to medical and pharmaceutical deliveries have received specialized training and have been certified through a D.O.T. approved training course.

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